Our Process

Getting a mortgage at übermortgage is easy … just follow these four steps:

1) Prepare: Get ready to provide us data

The first step is to pull together all the necessary information that’s required to find the right mortgage product for you. We’ll provide you with a checklist. With the checklist in hand, you’ll gather and take pictures of such items as your W-2 tax form, federal tax returns for the last two years, and usually two months of all bank and investment statements, etc.

2) Provide Data: Provide us data and credentials to load for data

Instead of asking you to provide a pile of paperwork, wherever possible we’ll ask you to submit the necessary documents from data that’s already online through LinkedIn profiles, bank accounts, and entities such as TurboTax.

3) Match: We’ll use your data to match you with the right mortgage

With the data that you provided, we’ll create a personal financial profile. Then we’ll use our knowledge and experience to consider your entire financial situation and identify the loan programs that are best suited for you according to your needs.

4) Finish: Complete your mortgage and get ready to refinance or buy a home

Once having selected the best loan for you, we’ll bring all the pieces together and begin the loan underwriting process. If any additional information is needed, you’ll be notified. Otherwise, at this point, the work on your end is pretty much complete.

At this final stage, we’ll work with our internal team to complete the transaction. Arrange for the appraisal of the property, lock down the exact interest rate on the loan, calculate the APR, and determine the closing costs involved to complete the transaction.

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