"Debt-to-Income" Now Biggest Player in Mortgage Denials

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Mortgage denial rates ebb and flow with the economy, with lenders appetite for risk, and sometimes with the pressure lenders feel to make loans. Denial rates in 2017 continued to diminish as they have done since the economy began to improve in 2013 and were the lowest in any year since at least 2004. Using data collected from lenders under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), CoreLogic estimates only about one in ten mortgage applications were denied last year. Poor credit used to be the primary reason that lenders turned borrowers away, but Yanling Mayer, writing in the CoreLogic Insights blog, says that, in the current credit cycle that has changed. The tight inventory of starter and lower-priced homes has pushed the prices of those homes up faster, impacting affordability more on that...(read more)

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