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What does $3.4 million buy you in Joisey? A 5,600 square foot house on 1.5 acres. In this case, it was the house owned by New Jersey’s Tony and Carmela in The Sopranos. (Ducks in the pool not included.) What does $3.4 million take down in mountains of Colorado? How about 447 acres with a stunning ranch house . Lender Services and Products Lending solutions provider Data Facts is offering a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, June 5 at 2pm CT. “The New URLA Update” webinar features industry expert David Luna, who will talk about the changes already taking place in the mortgage industry and how they will affect your ability to gain customers and close loans. Save your seat. Data Facts o­ffers a full-circle portfolio of customizable solutions that helps lending professionals...(read more)

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