August Loan Closing Rate Highest of Year

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The share of loans originated for refinancing rose in August for the first time this year. Ellie Mae's Origination Insight Report shows that closed transactions for refinancing represented 32 percent of the total, up 3 percentage points from July. The 3-point increase was consistent across all loan types. The refinancing share was 45 percent at the first of the year. The distribution of loans across loan types has been unchanged since May. Conventional loans have a 66 percent share, FHA loans 20 percent, and VA loans 10 percent. The average closing time for all loans was 43 days for the second straight month. The time for purchase loans to close, however ticked up 1 day to 45 days while the timeline for refinance loans dropped 3 days to 38. The average FICO score for closed loans dipped one...(read more)

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