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There were quite a few recent milestones, high and low, noted in the Quarter 2 Residential Property Loan Origination Report from ATTOM Data Solutions. The report covers the 2.09 million 1 to 4 unit residential loans originated during the quarter, an increase of 15 percent from the first quarter but only 1 percent more than a year earlier. One striking finding was the increase in the size of downpayments during the quarter - a median of $19,900, a record high in data going back to the first quarter of 2000. This is a 19 percent increase from $16,750 in the previous quarter and 18 percent from $16,925 in the same quarter last year. At a percentage, that represents 7.6 percent of the median sales price of the homes purchased with a mortgage during the quarter, compared to 6.6 percent in both of...(read more)

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