Freddie Mac Mortgage Portfolio Increased by $200M in February

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Freddie Mac reported this week that its total mortgage portfolio increased at an annualized rate of 3.0 percent in February, growing from 1.2 percent the previous month . The portfolio balance at the end of the period was $2.190 trillion compared to $2.184 trillion at the end of January and $2.096 trillion a year earlier. Purchases and Issuances totaled $24,566 billion and Sales were ($424.0) billion. The January numbers were $23,713 billion and ($909) billion respectively. The 3.0 percent annualized growth rate for February was considerably higher than the February 2018 rate of 0.7 percent. Purchases in Freddie Mac's Mortgage Related Investments Portfolio totaled $19,072 billion for the month compared to $17,282 billion in January. Liquidations were ($1.840) billion and ($2.009) billion for...(read more)

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