Housing Market Struggles to Keep Pace With US Economy

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Freddie Mac's Economic and Housing Research Group said on Monday that the U.S. economy and job market are firing on nearly all cylinders , "but the housing market has essentially stalled ." The solid growth of the U.S. economy during the second quarter, an increase of 4.2 percent and exceeding forecasts of 4.1 percent, was the fastest in nearly four years. Solid consumer spending and business investment, the Group says in its September Forecast, should keep the economy on a very strong growth path of 3.0 percent this year, moderating to 2.4 percent next year. However, weaker affordability, homebuilder constraints, and ongoing supply and demand imbalances over the summer resulted in fewer home sales and less home construction compared to earlier in the year. Those sales declined in the second...(read more)

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