MBS Day Ahead: Important Data and a Multitude of Fed Speeches, All Falling in The Woods

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Zen practitioners are an odd lot. One of their hallmark koans--the one about whether or not a tree falling in the woods makes a sound--is nonsense. I can only imagine that the person who came up with that one had never actually seen a tree. Perhaps he or she thought it was made of feathers. Or perhaps there really is some merit to the question inasmuch as how one defines "sound." Does the falling tree still disturb surrounding particles of air and create soundwaves that COULD be heard if someone were within earshot? Of course. Does that count as "sound?" I don't really care. Physics tells us the soundwaves are there, and that if anyone is close enough, they would hear them. A far more relevant question is as follows. If you hear a tree falling in the woods, do you give...(read more)

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