MBS Day Ahead: Light Data Gives Bonds Chance to Show Hand

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Some economic reports matter when it comes to bond market movement potential, and many don't. The tricky thing about econ data is that reports that HAVE had an impact in the past can easily get caught up in a newfound cycle of irrelevance. Take Jobless Claims for example. No one could care any less about it today whereas it was one of the most consistent bellwethers of the recession 10 years ago. Granted, it will have it's day in the sun again at some point, but it's not on any bond trader's radar at the moment--st least not in a capacity that informs present day trading decisions. How about today's data? Also the MBA's Mortgage Market Index may be relevant to us in the industry, this is also not a market mover for bonds. International Trade is a tough report to categorize...(read more)

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