MBS RECAP: On The Verge of Confirming an Unfriendly Shift

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It's very easy to fall into the trap of allowing gains or losses to dictate one's market sentiment on any given day. For instance, am I more likely to offer a cautionary view on the broader range simply because bonds lost ground today? I know my gut reaction is "yes." But as long as we're aware that we're allowing the red on the screen to taint our mood, we can then proceed to dissect things more objectively. This is one of the reasons for technicals and trends. Like we say "trend is your friend until it's not." From an objective standpoint, we can observe, of course, that the rally trend was aggressively tested by today's weakness (as discussed in this video ). But on an even simpler note, this is the first time in the past week that we've seen...(read more)

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