Mortgage Rates Continue Easing Back Toward Long-Term Lows

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Mortgage rates moved lower for the 2nd straight day, which brings them back in line with Monday's levels. While these aren't quite the lowest rates of the past 2 weeks, they're much closer than they were on Tuesday morning. That means the average lender is nearly able to offer the lowest rates since September 2017! In the slightly bigger picture, underlying bond markets seem to be consolidating after the aggressive move to lower rates 2 weeks ago. In other words, if we can look past some of the recent volatility, the general trend has been sideways for nearly 2 weeks now. This is a good thing because, again, the "sideways" is happening at long-term lows for rates. All things being equal, that's a sign that the market is at least willing to see rates move even lower. Whether or not rates do...(read more)

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