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Mortgage rates are in bad shape . At some point in the past 3 days (depends on the lender), top tier 30yr fixed rate offerings hit their highest level in 5 years, then 7 years. For the first time since 2011, the most prevalent top tier rate is 4.875% (meaning a handful of lenders are at 4.75% or 5.0%). If this trajectory holds, the average lender would be at 5% next week. In order to make the past few days relevant for anyone who reads this, let's focus on the CHANGE between today's average rates and those seen less than a week ago. From Friday the 14th, the average 30yr fixed quote is an eighth of a percentage point higher (.125%). While we've seen moves that big in the past, with only 1 or 2 exceptions, we haven't seen anything like it in 2018. And when we consider that it takes rates to...(read more)

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