Mortgage Rates Officially Highest in at Least 5 Years

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Mortgage rates edged up to 4-year highs with yesterday's bond market losses and things went from bad to worse today. Bond markets (which underlie and directly affect rates) are under extreme pressure today and have generally had a very bad September. Weakness in bonds equates to higher rates. So why are bonds weak? In part, this is weakness that was expected way back at the beginning of the year as the tax bill came to fruition and as economic data continued to suggest ongoing expansion. Given that the inflation/growth outlook was a whole lot worse in 2013 and early 2014 when 10yr Treasury yields briefly crested 3.0%, it stood to reason that those same yields would almost certainly need to move well over 3.0% this time around (inflation/growth are key factors in Treasury yields and rates in...(read more)

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