Total Construction Spending Up 1%, Mostly Thanks to Public Sector

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Total construction spending rose in February however the increase was almost totally in the publicly funded sector. The Census Bureau said total spending was up 1.0 percent from January to a seasonally adjusted rate of $1.320 trillion compared to $1.307 trillion in January and was 1.1 percent higher than the rate in February 2018. Privately funded spending , at a rate of $994.546 billion, represented only a 0.2 percent gain over the $992.961 billion rate in January and fell 1.9 percent year-over-year. In contrast the much smaller part of the industry represented by public spending jumped 3.6 percent from January and 11.5 percent year over year. On a non-adjusted basis there was $91.821 billion spent on construction during the month compared to $90.047 billion in January. On a year-to-date basis...(read more)

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