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Between 2001 and 2016, 97 percent of total job growth in the Unites States happened in urban counties. And while rural America is absolutely struggling, all rural America isn’t all struggling. In the top 10% for job growth, the U.S. counties, 34% are large metros/urban, 14% medium metros, 11% small metros, 18% were rural and adjacent to a metro, but there are plenty of remote rural counties doing great : 16% of the counties in the top 10 percent for job growth are small and rural and not adjacent to a metro. Typically, it’s because the factory fairy recently visited: Storey County in Nevada got the Tesla factory, Love County, Oklahoma got a casino, Sumter County, Florida got a retirement community. Lender Products and Services With just 2 short weeks until our industry ascends on...(read more)

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