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Rural Programs:

Well built, affordable housing is essential to the vitality of communities in rural America. Housing Programs give families and individuals the opportunity to buy, build, repair, or own safe and affordable homes located in rural America. Eligibility for these loans, loan guarantees, and grants is based on income and varies according to the average median income for each area.

Homeownership Programs:

Low interest, fixed-rate Homeownership loans are provided to qualified persons directly by USDA Rural Development. Financing is also offered at fixed-rates and terms through a loan from a private financial institution and guaranteed by USDA Rural Development for qualified persons. Neither one of these home loan programs require a down payment.

USDA Rural Development also offers competitive grants to public and private non-profit Self-Help Housing organizations and Federally Recognized Tribes to enable hardworking families to build their own homes.



Rural Development Single Family Housing Programs:

  • Rural Housing Site Loans 
  • Mutual Self-Help Housing Technical Assistance Grants  
  • Single Family Housing Direct Home Loans
  • Single Family Housing Home Loan Guarantees 


Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants:

provide funds to elderly and very-low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards, perform necessary repairs, improve or modernize a home, make homes accessible for people with disabilities, or make homes more energy efficient so these very-low-income families use less of their income on utility bills.

USDA: Rural Housing Service

USDA’s Rural Housing Service offers a variety of programs to build or improve housing and essential community facilities in rural areas.  We offer loans, grants and loan guarantees for single- and multi-family housing, child care centers, fire and police stations, hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, schools, first responder vehicles and equipment, housing for farm laborers and much more.

We also provide technical assistance loans and grants in partnership with non-profit organizations, Indian tribes, state and federal government agencies, and local communities.

We and our partners are working together to ensure that rural America continues to be a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Programs with Single-Family Housing

USDA’s Single Family Housing Programs provide direct loans or loan guarantees to help low- and moderate-income rural Americans buy safe, affordable housing in rural areas. USDA also offers loans and grants to help rural residents make health and safety repairs to homes.




Single Family Housing Programs—USDA Rural Development is available in the following areas/cities

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