Redevelopment & Housing Division

The Redevelopment & Housing Division is charged with the implementation of City policy with respect to development, redevelopment, economic development, the disbursement of federal funds for social services and housing programs within the City. One of the primary functions of the Division is the operation of the Whittier Redevelopment Agency (WRA). The WRA monitors tax increment earnings, analyzes and plans for the redevelopment of sites, markets sites for development and reviews and monitors any development occurring in project areas. The WRA enters into development agreements called Disposition and Development Agreements (DDA's) and Owner Participation Agreements and monitors those agreements for compliance.

The goal of the Housing Assistance program is to improve and increase the supply of affordable housing for low and moderate income families in the City of Whittier. The Housing Assistance Program is focused on low and moderate income households and was established to reflect a comprehensive approach to housing in Whittier. This program is used to fund a large variety of housing programs using tax increment revenue from all four of Whittier’s redevelopment project areas, as well as, Community Development Block Grant and HOME funds provided by the federal government.

The Redevelopment & Housing Division is also responsible for the administration of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME funds, the Commercial Facade Improvement Loan Program, Storefront Glass Replacement Program, the Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program, and the Police Home Buyer Program and several home improvement grant programs.


Redevelopment & Housing Division

On June 10, 2008, the Whittier adopted an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance that requires new housing developments with seven or more dwelling units to provide a portion of the new units to low- and moderate income buyers or tenants. It is anticipated that the provisions will produce a significant number of affordable units in Whittier for generations to come.


In addition to assisting over 50 households per year in fixing up their homes, past accomplishments of the Housing Assistance Program include the completion of a six unit single family home project on Penn Street and the rehabilitation of the 50-unit historic Hoover Hotel.


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